ADK Announces Dates for Next Rough Diamond Days

The Antwerpsche Diamantkring (ADK), a leading rough diamond bourse, will hold the next edition of its Rough Diamond Days on February 25 and 26 in the ADK trading hall.  
The ADK's history-making first edition of the Rough Diamond Days was held last November.
"It was a great opportunity to place the Kring in the spotlight," said ADK President Freddy Inzlicht. "The floor was teeming with traders showing goods and concluding deals.
"With  close to 2,000 diamond companies active in Antwerp's diamond quarter, this sort of event offers rough traders, manufacturers and dealers a great platform to meet, network, renew ties, make new contacts and do business effectively."
"In November, we held our first Rough Diamond Day at the Kring. It was so successful that in February, it will be held over two days," added Michael Vaughan, ADK executive board member and chair of the Rough Damond Days organizing committee.  
Freddy Inzlicht noted that the Kring's initiative is an integral part of Antwerp's global marketing efforts. "Antwerp is the beating heart of the world's rough and polished diamond trade. Annually, some 80 percent of the global rough diamond production is traded and sold in Antwerp. However, these are challenging times, and to remain at the top we need to increase our promotional and marketing efforts," the ADK President concluded.