Mountain Province Diamonds Delays Release of Year End Results in Response to Covid-19

Mountain Province Diamonds Inc. today announced that in light of recent events related to the Covid-19, it is delaying the release of its year end results, originally scheduled for March 16th, by one week to March 23rd 2020 after market hours, within the statutory period for the release of annual financial information.
The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus Covid-19 and its impact on travel restrictions and self-isolation has hindered the company and its auditors' ability to complete the work on time.  As such, the company is delaying the release of fourth quarter and full year financials by one week to accommodate these unexpected events.
At present, the virus is not impacting operations at the Gahcho Kué Mine as numerous precautionary measures have been taken over the past few weeks to ensure, as far as possible, a safe working environment for all employees and contractors travelling to and from site as well as the support offices in Yellowknife, Calgary and Toronto.
It is possible that the progress of Covid-19, the containment measures for Covid-19 and the economic impacts of these measures will impact on the business and operations of the company over the coming weeks, including mining, processing and sales of diamonds. The company is working to, where possible, manage these new short- and medium-term risks with a view to the best interests of the company, its employees, contractors and all stakeholders in the company.