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A Cut Above Princess

Princess with a twist. The X Factor. A visually balanced princess. A modern version of the traditional princess, this chic square has "clipped" corners, at the points which improve durability and increase visible size for carat weight. Securely seated under the setting's prongs, the clipped corners protect often-vulnerable points. Careful planning, cross-work and brillianteering see that every facet, even the most minor, is ideally polished into place. Cut for reliable, blazing performance, X-Factor is well-suited for dynamic, active people who love the appealing look of a square cut diamond that can be worn at work or play. Every ACA Princess Cut Diamond receives the coveted 0 Ideal cut grade from the American Gem Society; the industry’s strictest standards in proportions, polish, symmetry and most important: direct light performance.

A Cut Above Round

A Cut Above is Whiteflash’s branded name for their hearts and arrows diamonds. They describe the hearts and arrows effect as a kaleidoscopic pattern when seen through a reflecting viewer. The viewer will show arrows radiating outward in the crown of a H&A diamond and a circle of hearts when viewed through the pavilion. All facets must be precisely aligned to appear correctly. Whiteflash grades for Hearts & Arrows. Guarantee of optical symmetry.

A Style of Cut – Hearts & Arrows

Hearts & Arrows is the term used for a round brilliant diamond that exhibits a kaleidoscopic pattern of hearts in the pavilion and arrows in the crown due to the precise physical symmetry of its cut. These patterns may be seen and photographed using a reflecting and magnifying device called a Hearts & Arrows viewer. Just because a diamond is cut to traditional ideal proportions does not mean that it will have the Hearts & Arrows pattern. All pavilion main, lower girdle, upper girdle, kite and star facets must be in precise alignment with each other. If the cut of the diamond is even slightly asymmetric the pattern will be uneven or distorted. To make this distinction, Hearts & Arrows diamonds are sometimes called “Superideals.” To acquire this level of patterning precision the cutter must sacrifice more rough material and put in more time than a regular round or a standard ideal cut requires. Logically, these diamonds come at a premium. A Hearts & Arrows diamond may not necessarily be more beautiful than a non Hearts & Arrows diamond that is cut exceedingly well. However, these “Superideals” are valued for their uniqueness and quality as the ultimate in cutting precision in the world of ideal diamonds. HEARTS: When viewed through the bottom or pavilion, a perfectly symmetrical pattern, consisting of equally sized and shaped hearts can be seen. ARROWS: When viewed from the top or crown, a perfectly symmetrical pattern, consisting of equally sized and shaped arrows can be seen.

Adura Diamond

Developed by master diamond cutters, Adura diamonds have 85 facets that enhance the fire, luminosity and glamour of each stone. Each diamond is hand selected in order to ensure sheer perfection and is laser inscribed with its own identifying number - the ultimate guarantee of authenticity and security.

Ageless Fire Diamonds

Once he started branding, Dave Nygaard created 3 premium cut private label diamond brands: Star Fire, Hearts Amore, and Ageless Fire™. From a tea service to private label diamonds, Nygaard aims for a branded in store experience (live jazz music on weekends, fresh lemonade and coffee for customers, community and charity events). Nygaard stresses that a brand represents not just the name on the diamond; it must embrace the total shopping experience. In a Modern Jeweler article, the Virgina Beach jeweler said, "I'm a believer that brands, like politics, all start local.”


The Aglaia is a branded hearts and arrows diamond.

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