Forevermark in Indian Diamond Jewelry Advertising Campaign

The Forevermark diamond brand has launched its first India-specific advertising campaign, featuring Capricci, a nose pin collection which has been released across all advertising formats.

Forevermark India President Sachin Jain said, "This is our first India-based campaign. In India, as per our diamond acquisition study, the nose pin is the second most widely purchased item after finger rings." India's diamond jewelry consumer market is estimated at $8 billion per annum, according to a Times of India report.

The report cites diamond analyst Aniruddha Lidbide as saying, "Generic promotion of diamonds is the need of the hour to bail out the diamond industry.

"For a very long time, India has not seen advertising campaigns targeting diamond jewelry consumers, adding that the sector faces tough competition from other luxury items as well as mobile phones, tablets, iPhones and other items."