We are all about diamonds!

The diamond business has changed dramatically in the past few years.
Whatever your role in the global diamond industry - rough diamond producers, diamond dealers, brokers, polished diamond manufacturers and exporters, sightholders, stakeholders, jewelers – we are all searching for a niche market. We all need to develop new business models suitable for today’s new business culture.
And at The Global Diamond Portal, we are also changing with the times by giving you real-time news, information and trading platforms.

  1. We have developed a website giving you free diamond business information in real time.
  2. A wealth of information relating to diamond and jewelry businesses around the world to let you quickly find a business partner - whether a buyer or supplier. You can search using different parameters - making the search easier and quicker for you.
  3. Our trading platform enables you to rapidly find the exact diamond that you are searching for - whether you are a diamond broker or jewelry manufacturer.
  4. But what is new about The Global Diamond Portal is that we are putting together a new community formed with a group of innovative entrepreneurs who are adapting their businesses to meet the needs of today’s jewelers and their customers both online and off.

We call them “diamondpreneurs”. Those people who are in the process of differentiating their businesses to accommodate the present downstream environment while planning for the future in the best way possible to ensure consumer confidence in diamonds and jewelry – confidence in the certificates and in the diamonds that they buy and from whom they buy them.
It’s an exciting initiative that we hope will empower everyone who joins us in this new community adventure.
This is a time when our worlds need to come together. To find one another. To cooperate and collaborate to figure out what is best for all of us. To repair our individual worlds as well as our collective world – our global village – our international communities.
We are all connected and interconnected in so many ways alongthe pipeline in this cross-cultural, multi-generational, inter-disciplinary business that is unlike any other because of its history and the sources of the rough diamonds on which it is based. An industry filled with legendary characters. One with its own organizations, institutions, rules and regulations, leaders, and hierarchy.
An industry trying to work its way through a unique set of problems in these most troubling times. A business trying to chart a new course to weather the storm.
Now is the time to seriously start working together to figure out what is best for all of us – proving that it is possible to cooperate and collaborate, as well as compete – to the benefit of everyone involved.
We would love to hear your suggestions about what you would like to see on the portal.
Let's all give a hand and help each of us to succeed...