Diamond Industry Experts Set To Publish 3rd Edition Of Book On Laboratory Grown Diamonds

Gem and jewelry industry experts Dusan Simic and Branko Deljanin have announced that they are set to publish the 3rd edition of their best-selling book Lab-Grown Diamonds - Information guide to HPHT and CVD -grown diamonds. Simic and Deljanin, diamond researchers with over 50 years’ of combined experience in the trade, are internationally recognized as authorities on diamonds They specialize in the identification of natural, treated and lab-grown diamonds. They have together published more than 100 magazine articles and presented at scores of conferences around the globe.
Lab-Grown Diamonds - Information guide to HPHT and CVD -grown diamonds is being published in collaboration with three eminent contributing authors: scientist  Dr. Boris Feigelson from the Naval Research Laboratory; lab researcher Sharrie Hand from the GCAL lab in the USA; and CVD engineer Malay Hirani from India.
The authors are forecasting significant interest for the latest edition of the book following the overwhelming demand for the 2nd edition published in 2007 which sold over 3,000 copies worldwide in English and Portuguese. The 2020 edition is due to be published at the end of the summer.
Simic and Deljanin said: “This book is unique in our industry. To the best of our knowledge, nobody else has written on these subjects. We are able to present often complicated terminology and technical details in simple terms (basic to intermediate level) that jewelers, traders and consumers can easily understand. Laboratory-grown diamonds have become increasingly popular worldwide among wholesalers, retailers and consumers who are all looking for additional literature to educate themselves and their clients on more affordable manmade diamonds."
In addition to revised chapters, there are seven new articles (approximately 50 extra pages) in the new edition, thus creating a 140-page practical guide that is invaluable for diamond traders. Simic and Deljanin are inviting laboratory grown diamond manufacturers to submit information on their production which will be published at no cost. They added that lab-grown diamond producers wanting to have their stones tested and published should send 5-10 samples to the authors by Aug 1.
Any questions regarding the book and for the opportunity at a lower cost in advance should contact Branko Deljanin at: info@brankogems.com.
Members of the trade will be able to order the book at: https://www.brankogems.com/shop/product-category/books
About the authors:
Dusan Simic, B.Sc. FGG is research gemologist of AG&J (Analytical Gemology and Jewelry, NYC), and holds a USPTO Patent “Synthetic Diamond Labeling and Identification System and Method”, number 10,088,432; October 2, 2018. Simic is featured in the forthcoming documentary “Origin Stories”, a 90 minute film for cinema about the diamond industry by award-winning filmmaker Jason Kohn to be premiered on Showtime.
Branko Deljanin, B.Sc. FGA, GG, DGA is President and Head Gemologist at CGL Canadian Gemlab and Director of Gemmological Research Industries (Canada). He was the first appraiser in the world to issue grading certificates for synthetic diamonds (in New York in 2000) and created the terminology “Laboratory Created”. Deljanin is an instructor of advanced gemology programs on diamonds and gems offered at workshops in 17 countries and via practical webinars.